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This event took place one week after the passing of father, community artist, sign painter, graffiti writer, and DJ Daniel “Whores” Osterhoff.  The wall built for the event was painted exclusively with tributes to honor his legacy.


Edan Foster

Primera on the left

Cawzlos and Rachel


Danceparty Zach Liptak + Katie Cooper


Emer Ends


Bench Break

IMG_4193IMG_4168IMG_4273IMG_4360 IMG_4351 IMG_4316 IMG_4336

This finished painting, by Primera was added to and donated to Daniel “Whores” Osterhoff’s sister at his memorial service the following weekend.


Left to Right: Josh, Edan Foster, Ponci, Big Cer, Emer, CP Tattoo

The tributes continue…

Thank you

Clyde Moore and all the skateboarders who participated, the vendors, musicians, and artists who helped with this event, and especially Cawzlos and King for making it happen.

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