In December of 2014 Few and Far Women met in Miami, Florida for Art Basel, America’s greatest annual art gathering. Reaching 30′ tall and 90′ wide, this underwater-themed mural became the largest all female production to date, located in Wynwood, an art district of Miami. Characters were painted by Ursula X. YoungAgana, DeityToofly, 179, Rachel, and Kazilla, with graffiti pieces lining the bottom of the wall by Dime, Hops, Ksra, Merlot, Meme, and Mavel. Ms. Kee, Silver, and Sour assisted the crew, with significant support from Delvs. Ponci contributed the sunken ship with tattered sales and a unicorn-mermaid figurehead at the prow, along with background to help tie the artists’ pieces together. Gratitude goes out to Ironlak paint, and System Krush, who supported the event.

The crew was also invited by artist and curator Thor to participate in #TracktheTrucks.  Ponci’s colorful wolf head can be seen rolling around the United States on the side of a long-haul truck next to work by 179, Kazilla, Ksra, Merlot, and Hops.

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