Day sprays for HOFDAY with Emer, Mynas, StelGlob, Turilla, and Demik set to a backdrop of live rap performances on two separate stages. The party took place in Old Sacramento near the Railroad Museum for 9/16, 2017. Ponci painted for Xs[treme] clothing and productions, who supported the aerosol art alongside Leave Your Mark Sac. The piece executed a new twist on color schemes that combined flat and three dimensional designs. The center is divided by a lightning enduced “BANG” causing a morph between the brand logo and graffiti-style letters.

HOFDAY was successful, the music was awesome, and 9/16 will never be the same.

Thank you Rose, Pr!mera, Xstreme, The Cawz, American Hustle Clothing, Joey Miller, Mike Tabone, and all of the artists and coordinators who made it happen!





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