Leading up to July 4th weekend, Circus Circus Reno  throws an annual 24-hour mural marathon. 7 local and traveling artists are chosen to participate, and are given from 10 am Saturday to 10 am Sunday to complete a mural in a competition against one another. The streets are lined with vendors, while live performances light up the stage behind them. The artwork stays on the casino building for a year, at 4th and Virginia, until the next marathon begins.

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The finished mural features a pink elephant hanging from a hot air balloon on a wave of stardust circling a mystical peacock. The peacock represents many things, including change, integrity, innocence, immortality, and ressurection. The elephant symbolizes the casino, and stands for strength, tenacity, and wisdom.

Above photos By Charlie Schuman


This was Ponci’s first time competing against other women in this contest, and second time taking notes on how to compete better.

Thank you Circus Circus Reno for the amazing hospitality, and for throwing a totally inspiring and beautiful event.

+ Thank you to Herc Rentals for the fantastic deals on lifts! It was such a wonderful time!

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